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It's Open!  Family First Direct Primary Care with Dr. Kevin McGann

A personal message from Dr. McGann:    "In 2018 I will transition my practice into a new practice model called Direct Primary Care.  This is membership based medicine where health insurance is not used for Primary Care purposes.  For many poeple Direct Primary Care is more cost effective than using health insurance for your Primary Care needs.  Direct Primary Care is not health insurance.  I strongly recommend you have health insurance.  I encourage you to consider health insurance which best complements a Direct Primary Care membership.  I can help you with that.  This model of care will allow me to continue to be the Doctor I was trained to be.  It will allow me to continue open access scheduling for my patients so they have better access to their doctor.  I allows for longer face to face time with my patients while saving them money.  There are many features of DPC that I know my patients will appreciate and enjoy.  Please take some time to learn about Direct Primary Care and visit the new website to learn more."

A personal message from Dr. McGann to his patients regarding his departure from the Healthplex Family Clinic & into Family First Direct Primary Care.  Please watch!

This series of videos has been made personally by Dr. McGann for his established patients at the Healthplex Family Clinic.  He explains his concerns with our healthcare system, his distress with the push to assembly-line medicine, and his frustration with not having enough time with patients.  He also discusses his excitement about Direct Primary Care and why he believes it will be better for you.  Please watch this personal video made just for you...

The problems in our healthcare system.

In this video Dr. McGann explains his concerns with our healthcare system.  The problems of rising costs for you and for your doctor.  The pressures to see more and more patients in less and less time.  His frustration of assemby-line medicine.  A decision point has been reached: comply with a system that doesn't work...or do something else!

What is Direct Primary Care?  Is it right for me?

Here Dr. McGann describes the principles of Direct Primary Care.  He explains the advantages to you as a patient.  How it can improve access, lower wait times, expand face to face time with the doctor, embrace technology, and save money.  Here's why he thinks this is a good solution for you!

Family First Direct Primary Care by Dr. McGann

Here Dr. McGann gives a brief description of what the new practice will look like.  Most things his established patients have come to enjoy will still be there: easy access to your Doctor and low waiting times.  He describes a few of the added advantages that come with membership at Family First Direct Primary Care.  Registration for membership is now open at the new website.  Join now!

visit the new website: & register now!